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  • Better than GoDaddy?

    Been browsing for the past few weeks, but made an account to ask some advice.

    I have a question regarding reseller hosting plans.

    Currently I use GoDaddy..they charge 15/month for reseller, and each hosting plan is 3/month wholesale.
    I up-charge clients to 10/month, and they create accounts, put in their credit card info, and godaddy charges them/manages billing etc.

    Every quarter GoDaddy sends me a check for the profits of my price on the hosting plan. It's incredibly simple and very ideal for my business.

    However, GoDaddy's hosting has gotten worse and worse, and my Drupal sites take 15-60 seconds to load… unacceptable.

    I am hoping you guys can direct me to another reliable hosting service (that plays well with Drupal) which operates its reseller plan in the same way as GoDaddy.

    All reseller plans besides GoDaddy seem to want me to manage billing, where I charge clients and then I pay the hosting company. This seems to be obtuse and not efficient.

    Do you know of a great hosting provider which will allow me to simply up charge clients on hosting, then send me a check for the profit?

    Thank you so much!!

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    What you are describing as a business model with Godaddy is exactly how our Free Reseller program works.
    Basically we charge the customers and you get the difference between our wholesale price and the price you have set as retail.
    And at the beginning of each month you would get your profits via check or paypal.
    We have no problems hosting Drupal sites or pretty much any other php script on our servers. We offer cloud computing/hosting and the loading of websites is much faster than the usual hosting services which Godaddy offers.

    If you have any more questions feel free to join a chat session and any of our sales representatives would be able to answer them.


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      Resellerspanel works well with Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress and lots of other scripts including ecommerce such as OSCommerce and ZenCart. If you don't want to do your own billing, you can very easily set up one or more stores, set the pricing and then promote your brand(s).


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        Handling billing issues could be a huge pain especially if your customers grow quite big in number. So far, RSP works great.