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  • Reseller business for sale

    Hi, i have been a reseller for a while now and i want to persue a different business, my website has made over $ USD 20,000 in sales since i started, there are approx 19 active customers and $227 in profits accumulated in the control panel , i intend to leave the current profit in for the buyer. With 4 renewals coming up.

    Im selling 3 businesses, the main one is and a new store,, and the third is which this do.ain is worth over $ USD 10,000

    If your interested in these businesses for $ USD 3,500 , please contact me, once payment has been made for these stores i will send the login details of the control panel. Alsl i will transfer all domains into rsp control panel.

    Regards Robert.

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    I think that you already sold your business. If not then contact me in PM, I have a few questions. I own a small clothing shop, and I would like to open a site, an online clothing shop. I want to move because for me it's very anxious to work with all papers. Recently, a friend of mine advised me to use software that is based on <spamming forums and getting my backside kicked off>. It's a good helper that I use every day. This platform is searching through my documents for all the necessary info I need.
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      Why not create your own business instead of just looking for other people businesses to buy?


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        LOL Mighty words from the spammer who can't make up their mind on where they are located!!


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          I have to agree that creating something from scratch is harder but more rewarding in the long term. Why would I spend thousands of dollars on buying something that is probably not a successful as it should be in the first place? We have a project in mind that if pulled through will definitely be a game changer. I come from a poor family and I know the importance of having something that you can rely on yourself without being dependent to an employer. We ran a good concept testing with the help of and Silicon Valley is waiting for us. I'm really excited over this.
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            You signed up on this forum, to question an offer made almost 4 years ago?!? I smell a rat, or maybe it's the stench of a dirty spammer!!

            Just give me one good reason