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What are your hopes and dreams for 2018?

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  • What are your hopes and dreams for 2018?

    With 2017 drawing to a close, I have been thinking about all the great work ResellersPanel staff do for us behind the scenes and I wanted to say thank you for listening to us. You take our ideas and make them happen right before our eyes

    The one feature I am personally most grateful for this year, is the LetsEncrypt SSL certificates and how easy it is to use and configure. Hats off to you guys!

    I also noticed an announcement that you are now offering .ie the TLD for Ireland as part of your free reseller's plan, which is another great feature.

    So, I want to open up this thread to other reseller's to let us know what you are most grateful for in 2017 and also a place to put forward ideas for 2018.

    Oh and Happy New Year to everybody

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    Happy New Year Clivejo, to all other resellers and to all the excellent staff of RSP!

    I am grateful as you are for the free LetsEncrypt SSL and not only how easy it is to setup but how easy it is to keep renewed. A lot of thought went into this one feature and I as a reseller am grateful to RSP for this. I am for sure happy with the free 30 day trials for shared hosting BUT love the current promotions for unmanaged vps's. I hope the VPS promotions carry on into 2018 The coming Hepsia control panel update is certainly welcome too.

    Far as 2018 I'm looking forwards to email being added into the domain manager, I believe this will help every resellers sales for domains and I'm for sure squirming to hear more news of the shared hosting promotions yav0r hinted at in a different post.

    For Future Consideration.

    As a hint for future consideration by rsp, I'd like to suggest looking over the possibility to adding simple blogging features to the storemaster theme or better yet maybe providing a free reseller hosting account upon request if a dns is purchased so a reseller can create a blog for their storemaster theme. Yea I know RSP has their own WP themes ( I use one) but a lot of plugins do not agree with the reseller plugin. For example I use transposh for multi-lingual capability on my blog for my reseller site. Transposh will not work along side the reseller plugin. Transposh is invaluable for listing country specific in google which increases actual site visitors searching in their own language. So I use a second WP install for my actual blog.

    I also get a lot of search phrases via google webmaster tools for free trials of vps's off my blog. Maybe RSP would consider and investigate this and figure out a way to tone down say OVZ01 like the shared hosting plans or even create separate special vps trial offers like OVZ-T and KVM-T that are toned down like shared hosting trials to prevent abuse and offer them on a trial bases, lets say a 15 day trial with only hepsia available as the control panel for the trial.

    Same as suggested right at a decade ago today I still believe more flexible billing cycles for shared hosting would improve sales for resellers not packaging web design work along with their hosting. I'm sure vlasi47gr remembers that thread or two in the forum back in the day, he and i butted heads over this topic a few times LMAO!!! God bless Milen for moderating all that!!!! Even if rsp had to add a couple a dollars to a plan on shorter billing cycles to accommodate adding staff for the extra billing work to have shorter billing cycles that would be excellent!! cPanel providers do this already for their own shorter billing cycles and as any cpanel reseller that's used WHMCS knows thats all bulldookey! WHMCS handles all the billing / hosting account setup for a cpanel reseller automatically VIA software. The cPanel reseller sets up what he / she wants one time via WHMCS. Live Billing staff is only needed for refunds or to make arrangements for a late payment using WHM / cPanel WHMCS. IF RSP under their current custom developed billing system has to raise the price on plans on shorter billing cycles to accommodate this flexibility into billing so be it as long as we as resellers can be competitive with other MAJOR established provider's billing cycles... not interested in competing with the fly by nights, that's why they are fly by nights. There one night and gone the next night LMAO!!! Point is, monthly billing may be all the customer can afford at that point. If the customer can afford to pay a year upfront for hosting then they will choose that because they are saving money over a monthly / quarterly / semi-annual payment. Sorry yav0r I know I sound like a broken record

    A stand alone reseller solution equivilant to WHM / CPANEL featuring Hepsia as the control panel would be welcome. I know several designers / developers (one a family member) who would jump on this type of reseller plan just cuz hepsia control panel is easier to use and does not limit Inodes. They actually do not use the free reseller program because they cannot control billing as they can with WHM / cPanel and WHMCS

    It wouldn't hurt if a way were devised in the future to offer cpanel reseller plans directly off our reseller sites instead if having to use affiliate links to refer potentual customers to RSP's site for the sale. I'm sure a lot of resellers don't even promote the cpanel reseller plans to keep a while labeled look on their own reseller site.

    I'm sure that a more white labeled approach could be came up with for signing up new resellers. God***y has one for their resellers in place for example and this is more invaluable than having a white labeled cpanel reseller approach in my opinion.

    I have Always believed and had faith in RSP since I ran up on them and joined in 2004 and they have grown with the times and are a provider with a competitive edge in services and I'm sure bigger and greater is coming in the years to come!

    And at last, A Huge compliment to yav0r to carry him into 2018! Yup You are in the spotlight! I chat with him in private of quite a few things. Alot of them he disagrees with right off the bat. But a very small few of the things he and I have chatted of over the years I've seen incorporated into RSP's services over time. If you as a reseller have a suggestion do not hesitate to contact him or post it in the forum. Just because he disagrees initially with the idea does not mean its the end of it with that post or chat. yav0r is a man that sits back and thinks of an idea a good while after he has been approached with it and not only how it can affect over 250k resellers but how it will also affect RSP itself as a whole. It's a heavy load and I've grown to respect him a lot over the years for the businessman he is and he has the best interest of every reseller at heart. Have a great new years yav0r you deserve it!! Yes I just sold you out you soft hearted devil you LMAO!! I sure appreciate you and what you do to make things happen for us resellers! And NO I'm not kissing booty to get monthly billing, I mean what I said and I'll start the hand clapping right here at the top of the thread.

    Well Clivejo You opened the door ROLMAO!!!!!

    A Happy and Successful 2018 to all!
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      I agree 100% with everything you just said, Donerite. And Clive, I bet you're regretting opening that door now aren't you, LOL! In any case, those are some pretty good ideas there. I would like to second them all. And yav0r....yeah he just outed you, lol. In any case, Happy New Year, everyone!


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        Yav I assure u this is the first new years I've had off in a very very long time shitfaced ain't the proper word on this end lol. U have a good new years too and turn one of those $100 beers up for me lmao