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  • Hello Everybody

    Hello Everybody,

    I am just here to tell you that i am very happy to work with RSP because i was looking for a long time for a web hosting reseller program with also DOMAIN NAMES! Before i was managing some WHM with all the related CPANEL accounts, payment by Paypal, etc... now with RSP i can focus on web promotion!

    I used first the RSP WP theme but there is too much pages to configure for me, so i build a site and i use the affiliate tools available in RSP.

    I finished it yesterday ( so i am looking for feedback...

    It miss some static pages like terms, FAQ, etc...
    Some better design and images on my inner pages
    I am looking for a mobile order form....


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    Welcome aboard imaster!

    You said you were not crazy of the WP themes. Just curious, did you check out the storemaster theme? You can give it a quick look see at without changing anything. This might be more what you are looking for. Storemaster is highly customizable in its own right. Only reason I am not using it is there is no included hosting space to create a blog with a subdomain under the store domain.
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      Hello Donerite!

      I like the WP themes and also the default store but i have to change every text and images from it to have a chance to rank in SEO,
      So i preferred to build something new from scratch with less pages.

      I am just sad that i can't implement a responsive order form like the one on on my site.
      It will help me to increase my sales from mobile phone...

      Thanks !


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        clivejo dont delete this please... just a little help for imaster....

        It may be possible imaster. I've never tried this but will give you a little something to research on and maybe another trick to try

        Also, If u are using if you are using wordpress for your site there is a plugin called Advanced Iframe. If you upgrade to the pro version of this plugin U can make any Iframe responsive.

        As for me, What I would like to see in the plan table Beta is to be able to specify one specific plan to display in the table as well as to be able to specify assorted plans IE 1 shared plan, a vps plan, a semi-dedicated plan, along with a dedicated plan. If that happens I gonna be busy putting together custom pages that are specific per singular hosting plan, just like storemaster already has. and use the plan table beta for extra advertising in my blog.
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          Thanks for the link Donerite, i will have a deeper look!

          But it will be a win/win situation if RP made the responsive form on WP theme available as a reseller tool


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            Hi, iMasterWeb! Welcome to ResellersPanel! Your site looks awesome!

            The one opportunity I see is to cut down on order confusion...if I click the button to order SEO or Website development, I am routed to the Web hosting order form. Maybe this is your intent, as a customer should have a hosting plan first? However, without any instructions I think this may be confusing to some.


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              Hello The Stealthy One,

              Thanks for the feedback

              Yes it's not well finished, i need to build landing page to host a custom order form for SEO & Dev services.


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                Hello Guys, I am new in this forums