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  • Affiliate Marketing Working???

    Two years ago I started my efforts to bring in more affiliates into RSP under my link. The effort got me 17 sign ups. The problem is that not one of them have made a single sale in all that time. I've even sent them welcome emails that offered my help setting up their sites, and marketing help. Only two took me up on it, but still no sales. I know what I do works because I have sign ups.

    How has the affiliates worked out for you? I've used PPC ads, classified sites, and word of mouth...

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    To me, only 2-3 affiliate got sales, the rest seems inactive...

    I uses PPC as well.

    Now I almost stop bring affiliate...


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      Do you guys have any customers with Corporate or Enterprise plans? If so, you should target these guys. Let me explain.

      Say customer x is on an Enterprise plan. He/she is interested in hosting multiple sites and is probably doing a bit of reselling (maybe a small scale website designer) If you signed this customer up as an affiliate, you get 10% of his/her sales. Plus the customer has access to wholesale prices, meaning they are getting a better deal too! As they build their business and start to sell more plans, you get a cut of that too.

      The best way to do this is to be very casual, build up a good relationship with them and explain the advantages of setting up under their own "label". Offer your help in getting established, how to setup DNS Cluster and Wordpress store.

      To be honest with the amount of resellers out there PPC is a waste of money in my opinion. The local, word of mouth approach is much more valuable. Netting a good affiliate is a good source of income, the problem is getting one and keeping them on the RSP platform

      A lot of affiliates give up because they dont understand how to work the Control Panel, it takes time to learn how it works. If you gain their trust and they have a direct contact with you ie phone/Instant messages etc then they should get over this obstacle and start bringing in sales.


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        Starting in April of 2011, I began working very hard to build affiliates under one of my reseller accounts. I mostly did this (and still do) by promoting RSP as a free business opportunity on my consumer free hosting services. To date I have added 222 affiliates over the course of 3.5 years and am generating roughly $150.00 per year in commissions from them. Passive income, sure, but would like to see it much larger. So still a strategy I employ now.

        I like clivejo's suggestion, too. Might give it a try.