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    I know online marketing can be a lot simpler, but I still like to keep business cards or anything similar (even a paper with a logo and info on it has worked for me). This way if I am telling someone about my site in person, I can just give them a card for later use.

    My question is: Do any of you have any good sites where you can design very professional-looking cards and order them cheap?

    I have used "Zazzle" before, and it has been the cheapest I have ran across so far.

    I don't want to make them myself... Because, you know, they need to look decent

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    I've used VistaPrint. Their prices are great, but they make up for low prices with high shipping rates. But after you make your first purchase they start sending you deals like free shipping, $5.00 for 250 cards, or a free logo design...


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      I have used Vistaprint but for a more professional looking card I prefer going to Staples online. They seem to have better selection and the prices I have always found very favorable. But whoever you use they don't do any good unless you pass them around.


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        I think, its one of the most effective technique in offline marketing campaign. You can actually personalize your business card if you have your compute and a good printer. But you can check out those expert in making business card in your local area or online.


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          Some time ago I thought business card are over in the era of smartphones and AI devices... but no, you still like to have/take good, old business card, pure paper
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            Most, if not all, business card vendors these days like VistaPrint and the like have online design apps where you can choose a nice looking template. No need for design skills.

            But if you want to have a more unique card, you can go to fiverr and get a nice business card design made for $5-$10. Lots of people with good skills on fiverr willing to work for peanuts.


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              Taking into consideration the fact that nowadays almost everyone that is really looking to develop their business in a proper way and to increase considerably their income, are more into digital marketing. A very popular option is also the social media marketing, however I do consider that the business cards are still really important, and they might be kind of outdated, however they are a really great thing. I been using the services of PSPrint, their starting price for 100 cards is 12 bucks. I actually consider that we need some old-fashioned things right now, more than ever. Even the marketing banners are a really great thing in my opinion. I am also looking to order a banner on, as in my opinion this is one of the most efficient marketing methods.
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