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  • Affiliate sales alternative?

    Hi all,
    so I understand there is an existing affiliate program, where we can encourage people to sign up, and start their own reseller stores. We'd then get 10% of sales in THEIR store....

    But what about having affiliates for our OWN store ? I.e is there a way to track and credit sales that happen in our own store, via an affiliate link?

    Most people, unless in an industry like myself, probably don't want to fuss with starting a business to get sales.. hence why I suspect most have not had good luck with this current system.

    The way blogging and affiliate sales is these days, it's all about writing up a quick blog post, praising a product or service, and getting PASSIVE income via sales done through the affiliate link. When the affiliate has to do active work, it's less appealing to them.

    ​​​​​​​I do graphic and web design/development for a living, and the only way I can think of, is some complex custom development .. which I'm really not wanting to do if possible. Anyone have any other ideas or experience on how to do this? Perhaps it's time for Reseller Panel to update their system ?

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    I regret to inform you there is no such option available as the one described in your post. There is only the option to have other resellers register their accounts as your affiliates in which case you are being awarded 10% of the wholesale price of the services they sell.

    Let us know if you have any other questions.

    Best Regards,
    Nick Green
    Technical Support Department.


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      Wow, this is quite interesting! I think you need to develop your ideas.