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Who keeps moving the Threads out of this section?

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  • Who keeps moving the Threads out of this section?

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    WebGirl, nobody is moving threads out of this section as far as I know . The forum automatically hides threads in which no posts were made during the last 30 days. If you want to see all threads in a given section of the forum go to "Display Options" at the bottom of the section and choose the display threads from the beginning from the drop-down menu and click on the "Show Threads" button and all threads in the particular section will be displayed.


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      i am back and still waiting...

      Hi guys, I am back again and still waiting for site studio upgrade and new templates. I saw some really nice templates and have been fiddling with version 1.7 on the 'sitestudio.demo.pbsoft' site. Am wondering if we are going to get an upgrade soon??


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        Haha I think you posted in the wrong "thread". The topic on this thread is:

        "Who keeps moving the Threads out of this section?"



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          Ok, i got lost

          Originally posted by Daniel
          Haha I think you posted in the wrong "thread".
          Ok, i got lost. I couldnt see the 'option' mentioned. I have posted it in the right place this time.


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            I found I now how to specify which 'time period' I want to view msgs for, so now I can see all the threads.

            At the bottom of the page is DISPLAY OPTIONS - FROM TIME - I now choose from 'beginning'.



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