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Problem Connecting to Wordpress DB

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  • Problem Connecting to Wordpress DB

    I am setting up wordpress on my site, my username and password are recognised by wordpress but I but seem to have problems connecting to the database. When creating the DB in the BT Database managment tool the note says that the dadatbase name is appended by the username i.e. this is my database "mydb_mysite_co_uk" but to access it should be "mydb_mysite_co_uk_username" this does not work I have tried every variation no Username, prepended username and appended username.

    Wordpress install suggests that there may be permission issues with the username I have tried accessing PHP my admin to manually check the permissions but this gives me a 403 error.

    Can anyone help

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    Firstly you should open a support ticket to seek the help from rsp, their average respond time is less than 20 minutes instead of asking in forum which may not receive any respond.

    Your DB username should be yourhepsiausername_yourdesiredname and database name is same as your DB username yourhepsiausername_yourdesiredname and password is your desired password.

    For example:
    Hepsia username = hepsia123
    Your desired name = mygod
    Your DB username and DB name should be hepsia123_mygod

    Hope this help.