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Removal of LiquidNet US LLC from order form

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  • Removal of LiquidNet US LLC from order form

    I've found a solution to remove the LiquidNet and the Phone numbers from the order from in pure CSS since JQuery was giving me a headache. Ok, here we go! It's been tested and it works. Place this code in your style.css file.

    div#comp_details {display: none !important;}
    div#comp_phones {display: none !important;}

    Phew, took me awhile but I finally got it. I tend to over complicate things most of the time.

    ​Have fun and good luck!

    Happy Holidays
    Last edited by nuvodigitaldotcom; 26-11-2014, 05:56 AM. Reason: Thought I had a solution before and it was flawed. This is the up dated version to my original solution.

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    Nice one, and thanks for sharing it with us. I'm sure a lot of resellers will make use of this solution.


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      Yup there will be some grateful resellers for this


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        Thanks clivejo and donerite. It's been my pleasure to have shared it! I always love to contribute whenever I can.


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          Hi, I should have posted my question here:

          Hi, i see you found a solution to the address showing on the order forms. Prior to your solution we had used the following code on the order form pages. This worked for the longest time.

          $(".split:contains('LiquidNet US LLC')").css("display", "none");
          $(".right:contains('+1-855-211-0932')").css("display", "none");

          I tried replacing the existing code on the order form pages with your snippet of code, but the address kept on showing up. I may be putting this code in the wrong spot? You mentioned to put it on the style.css page - if that is the case - where exactly on that page - it is a long page of code ...

          Kind regards


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            Hi sydnac, u can just place the code at the the very end of your style.css file