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  • API & Custom Checkout Forms

    Hi there,
    Just wanted to see if anyone has done any custom work with api and checkout forms. Specifically, I am looking for examples people have done, that utilize Reseller Panel billing still, but have a completely customize look and checkout process. I'm wanting to create a more individualized checkout process, rather than having everything on one form, like the embeddable forms have.

    I know there are themes out there that are integrated with WHMCS, which does exactly what I want, in terms of look and functionality. However, I'm not sure if WHMCS can be integrated with reseller panel, and i believe it also requires you to do your own billing then. Has anyone done anything with WHMCS, or handling your own billing? I'm not really sure I understand how that would work.

    Really appreciate any feedback from anyone!

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    Those are million dollar questions there I also would like to use WHMCS with the API to provide custom billing options for services. However, RSP does not provide the plugins nor provide custom coding for such with the API to my knowledge so its more than likely any reseller that is using such a system with WHMCS has paid out the ARS* for the custom dev work and its unlikely you are going to get many replies, especially sharing the code for what they paid premium $$ for. I can refer you to someone via PM that's capable of doing it but he is booked under government contract for web DEV till December 2017 for a ungodly amount of $$$$$
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      Hello, i registered here to find more information about that too... the embed form is nice but with something more "Design Trendy" will improve my sales...

      I use Wordpress and i try to figure out how i can build something like that

      I have to do more research on how to interact with the RSP API....

      I will come back here to see if someone gave us help on this topic.



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        Well I contacted my cousin ( the dev under contract) of deving a plugin for WHMCS off the reseller API. It will be after December before he could do anything about it though. The RSP free themes are a great start but being able to use WHMCS with custom wordpress themes for more advanced resellers would be the ticket. If he decides to develop the plugin it wont be free but I'm sure that it would be affordable from a business perspective. I'm curious If the plugin were developed 3rd party like this if RSP might would help push it for advanced resellers as this would more than likely increase reseller sales and provide a more unique look for reseller storefronts without RSP expending their own resources from resellers wanting to expend the extra effort and cash to do so.

        Yes Yav... I'm curious of your thoughts on this.


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          I don't see how he could write a WHMCS plugin as WHMCS would have to allow it i.e. it will need to cover their standards, standards about the control panel itself, the API, the billing etc. Considering their own code is completely closed and encrypted it makes it difficult to work with. As such when we make such a plugin (which is in our to do list of features for a while now) it will be our own written plugin. We have no intention of contracting 3rd party developers to work on our API, mainly because the API servers are highly restricted and exactly 2 persons in our organization have access to the API servers. A 3rd party having access to that is absolutely out of the question. And yes WHMCS has a looot of requirements, I have been through this with their development team and it is going to be a lot of work. Having said that noone (including WHMCS themselves) can't stop you of connecting the API to the WHMCS without a standardized plugin (wink, wink), although it will not be as neat as a plugin for sure.

          First thing first, we have to complete the new Hepsia CP which will soon be ready for beta testing, alpha testing of the Hepsia control panel functions is done, now CSS is being added and once we have something to show which should be soon now we will provide access to resellers that want to test. So once that is released we can think of API integration in WHMCS and at least get a project started.


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            Got you Yan... My cousin hadn't checked into it as he is tied up till December, but was willing to give it a go if RSP sanctioned after that. I will let him know of your stance on it and that you are looking at developing your own plugin.