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  • Password manager - Bitwarden

    If like me you have numerous login details on all over the internet, you probably have looked into password management to some degree, from a Notepad on your desktop where you copy and paste details to a paid service such as LastPass.

    The latter was a service I was paying for until the end of last year when they doubled the annual subscription to $24, but luckily I came across a new open source project/service called Bitwarden ( ) which basically gives me all the features of LastPass and more!

    It makes logging into clients websites a breeze, while keeping them secure with large random strings of characters and also offers the use of 2 factor authorisation, such as GA OTC. For $10 a year I get extra storage so I can keep private keys, and other information I want kept secure all from the same app. The upgrade also allows automatic OTP generation so Bitwarden automatically copies the OTP into the clipboard and I can log in faster and more secure.

    I highly recommend it and urge you to try it out, even just the free version.