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  • Reseller API Order Form

    I've downloaded the zip file named from my reseller panel and I wanted to know if this can be used with Wordpress?

    What I've done so far is that I've unzipped that file to a folder called 'ResellersPanelAPIOrderForm'. I then uploaded that folder to my theme directory called 'myhost'. So the path is:
    http://tkghosting.vps101156.mylogin....lAPIOrderForm/ . This is not implemented into the actual Wordpress...yet.

    What I like to do is somehow call that ResellersPanelAPIOrderForm's index.php file to display with the theme itself so I can use it's stock header and footer. Wordpress offers shortcodes which I can write but my questions are is this:

    Does this ResellersPanelAPIOrderForm have a setting to make sure it is path correctly so that it works with the custom theme (not RSP WP's theme) ?

    If not, does all the files located in the 'ResellersPanelAPIOrderForm' folder should be moved up one level into the 'myhost' folder?

    Independently and out of the box it works fine but I want to see if I can make work within my custom WP theme.

    Thank you.

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    You could maybe use something like to insert the PHP into your website as a shortcode, but personally I wouldn't do it that way as I don;t like relying on plugins to do that kind of thing.

    I would create a child theme and under that child theme copy the page.php, adding your custom PHP to it.

    Like this guide -


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      Unfortunately, not all shortcodes work and most are for specific block of content/data instead of one specific element. For instance, I love the control the order of the product features or have the price before or after. Have the option to just show the product name with a link. Of course I could us CSS to hide a lot of those elements but the data still gets downloaded.

      Right now, I am custom building all my hosting products and use only their order form to process the order. It's a tedious process but I think once I get the form design complete, the rest will be easy. Is it going to be perfect? No. I still can't get the order form to work with my custom WP theme (non-RSP theme) due to conflict with jquery and so I set my order form up outside of WP and manually adding static header and footer and the CSS to clean up that lame design they have now. So far, I am about halfway done.

      If anybody is interested in seeing a finished product and would like a copy of my reworked newly design order form, message me. I don't mind doing the work and pay it forward.