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Using your own bill payment method

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  • Using your own bill payment method

    I have read the API Docs but I may be missing something in regards to passing the user to an external payment processor. Is there any documentation on how I can use my own biller for payment and then complete an order in my reseller account to finish the order. I would assume I need to get an authorization back from my payment processor and then make a call back to the API server to complete it. Am I on the right track?

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    Hi, I am using my own bill payment method


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      There are some demo's and docs on the bottom of this page -

      There are the following steps:
      1) Work out what you are charging your customer for and use your payment processor to take the payment ( your programming logic should make sure that the payment has been successful before proceeding.
      2) Make sure you have the funds available in your RSP wallet (this has to be paid in advance, as there is no way to top up your wallet via the API)
      3) Place the order with RSP via the API
      4) Once the order has been placed, display to your customer the details of the account.

      There is a demo mode for testing, by appending TEST_MODE parameter with the value of 1.