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  • How annoyed would you be?

    So today hosting provider 123-reg announced that it had accidentally deleted a number of customer web accounts and had no backup!

    Web hosting firm 123-reg has accidentally deleted an unspecified number of its customers' websites.

    The company, which hosts 1.7m sites in the UK, said an error made during maintenance "effectively deleted" what was on some of its servers.

    "We can conclude that the issues faced have resulted in some data loss for some customers," the firm admitted.

    It started a "recovery process", but advised customers with their own data backup to rebuild their own websites.

    The web host, which has 800,000 customers in the UK, would not say how many websites had been deleted but said it was a "small proportion".

    Going on to say

    123-reg told the BBC it did not have a backup copy of all its customers' data, but was working with a data recovery specialist to "manage the process of restoration".

    "Our VPS product is an unmanaged service and we always recommend that customers implement backups to safeguard against unexpected issues," the company said.

    "Customers who had purchased 123-reg backups can be online now."

    "Many of our customers keep their own backups."

    The data loss has left the affected online businesses without a website to trade from and 123-reg has been flooded with messages on social media criticising its limited communication.

    One customer noted: "Fault still described as 'VPS connectivity issues' when in fact it seems they lost everything."

    "There must be some information available right? What exactly are they working on?" asked another. "We need details as we need to start planning on how to salvage anything."

    "This will wreck my business and plenty of others," said another affected company.

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    I'm sure we all stress the importance of using the very important "Remote Backup" feature within the Hepsia CP for all VPS and Dedicated customers.

    But Yav, it's nice to know RSP does run container backups even for un-managed VPS customers. I assume these "container" backups will still help in the event RSP will need to recover customer sites etc... if need be.


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      This would be upsetting and annoyed is too kind a word... RSP has went over and beyond providing options to keep our data safe and its much appreciated.


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        I know a few people who been affected, and they are livid !! I think the major gripe is the length of time it took them to own up to it, they blamed lots of other factors before they released the statement saying they deleted them!

        For most its an issue of trust, spending days rebuilding a server because your trusted host made a very silly mistake is going to be a hard pill to swallow, especially if you have multiple sites on the same node.


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          hmmm do I smell a opportunity for clivejo to sell a few VPS's? hehe I would