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  • Selling my clients

    I have been a reseller since 2006 but I am retiring as I really do not have the time to manage this.

    There are 10 customers (9 Business and 1 Start plan) that I have active at this point and I wish to sell them to you guys.

    Please send me a private message with your offer if you are interested and if you have any additional questions.

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    sorry to hear that you are departing.
    first and foremost, you should contact RP directly (support ticket?) ... to say that you are thinking of leaving and discuss your options ... i have personally been on the receiving end (as a client) - when a reseller decided to "pull the plug".

    unsure how you'll go selling your clients to other resellers - or even what sort of $$$ that you are expecting to make from such a sale - but thought i'd give you some insight ...

    i used to be a client of a reseller, but they decided to stop being a part of the community (they essentially let their plan lapse + stopped responding to emails that came from RP).
    i still wanted to be with RP so explored my options (i actually created a post in this forum around 2 years ago on the subject).

    basically ...
    a.) there was a possibility, other resellers could take me as there client - free of charge (the original reseller wouldn't get paid any money to "sell" me as a client to another reseller).
    b.) i could become a reseller myself - start up my own brand, etc - and resell to myself + others.
    c.) RP would take control - and i'd become a client directly from RP ... no 3rd party involved.

    ultimately, i went with option 2 ... and became a reseller myself ... took some emails back/forth until it got in motion though.

    [EDIT] :
    food for thought ... even if you do happen to sell your clients to another reseller ...
    what's going to happen when those clients find out? - it's entirely possible that they may not want to stay with the new reseller.
    IMO ... it'd be too risky for a reseller to buy these clients from you ... unless it was an extremely low price.

    also - the transaction (movement of $$$) would most probably have to be done entirely outside of RP (paypal or similar).
    does RP even allow for clients to be sold in this manner? does it violate any RP rules? or even RP forum rules??? (for me atleast, to advertise such a sale on this forum would be sailing too close to the wind ... well that's my take on it).
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      Sounds like what you went through was a reseller that gave up and didn't care what happened to his clients which rsp has been kind enough to make provisions for in that extreme case. I do recall you posting of your issue

      What hostingdeals is proposing is different and I'm sure that a private arrangement for exchange of money / reseller account information would work out. I do believe I have seen other resellers do similar on the forum.

      ​As to what its worth, well that would be up to the new reseller themselves.. IE for myself I would have to factor in

      Number of clients existing (already disclosed)

      Some verifiable traffic stats to the site

      How much of that traffic is actually targeted traffic to the reseller site.

      ​Myself I don't know if RSP officially supports this or not but I do admire the reseller for trying to do the right thing which is find a new home for his clients and I don't think personally asking a reasonable price for his time getting some clients is wrong.

      ​Course that's just my opinion

      Cheers and good luck with the sale hostingdeals, sorry to see you moving on.


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        Thanks, doneritehosting , for the support!
        I am already discussing this with few resellers and I hope I will find my clients great new home very soon!