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Changed host and corrupt data

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  • Changed host and corrupt data

    I recently moved my wp install to my vps and installed the new version of the plugin and the new theme. By moved, I mean reinstalled everything to start from scratch. I'm having issue with the connection and plugin functionality. As in the screen caps attached, the plugin connects and returns the proper store id but gives me corrupted pages and pricing. It also shows no default pages as shown in the screencap. I've reinstalled the theme, plugin, and wp multiple times. Any ideas?

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    Try backing up your old database, and reinstall it to the new VPS, backup the old website, making sure to maintain the file tree structure and move it to the new host. I once moved a simple WP site from a VPS to a shared account. I hope that works.


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      You are using the new cloudhost theme and I believe there is a special page to select for the static homepage which is called "home cloudhost". Try setting your static home page to it and see if this resolves your issue. I Ran into this with the clean template.