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    I have been looking for a way around using the standard order form from RP. I saw the API version of the form, but do not want to use the remote option either at this time. I would much prefer to keep the branding as pure as possible, and showing the "Liquidnet" and "duoserv...." at the bottom of the order form is definitely not my choice. If I was a potential hosting customer reviewing the order form, I would think twice after seeing the different company names on the bottom of the order form.

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    Clivejo and a couple of others worked a solution out in this thread :


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      Originally posted by sydnac View Post
      I saw the API version of the form, but do not want to use the remote option either at this time.
      There isnt really an API version of the form. Even the RSP plugin uses the "remote order form" from duo-servers.

      From what I read it is actually a legal requirement to state the identity and address of the organization taking the payment. As Liquidnet is the company who process the payment (on our behalf) they must put their name and address on invoice and order pages. They have to do this to comply with the rules set out by the payment processors.

      The proper API is designed that you have your own payment system and then use the API to order/setup the service via RSP at wholesale price from your wallet. The plug-in does fetch the prices and plans you have on offer from your store, via the API, but I pretty sure the order form is all from duo-servers.

      Now I have been thinking about this for a long time, the solution as far as I can see is to do my own billing, invoicing etc But the cost of implementing such a system is very prohibitive. There are some good invoicing and billing clients for Wordpress about, if one of those could be modified to use the RSP API to do the physical ordering. The problem is the payment gateways, who charge a % for taking the payment, this eats into your profits, to the point the whole exercise becomes worthless.


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        Another way would be the use a billing, invoicing plug-in to take the order on your website, once the payment is received you could go into your resellers panel and order it manually.