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  • Speeding up your Wordpress site

    Just wanted to start a thread about ways in which you can speed up a Wordpress site. First of all, how do you know if your site is slow? Well here are a few tools you can use

    Are you seeing any problems which could be improved upon?

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    How fast should it be?

    On the GTMextrix site I got green on all but three indicators. I can fix: "Specify image dimensions", but how do I fix "Defer parsing of JavaScript", and "Serve scaled images"?
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      You could use W3 Cache to optimize your JS and CSS files. With the Serve scaled images you must be serving images of larger dimensions and scaling them on the page. ie image file is 320x320 and on your page your scaling to 180x180. Just scale your image in a image editor, maybe provide 2 files for example image320.jpg and image180.jpg


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        I was always told that a page would load faster if you kept your images to the exact size that you need it to be. I was told that resizing slows thing down. Are you saying that this is not true?


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          No that’s correct, but scale the original file on the server, not on the page.


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            Ok clivejo... I have been playing around with plugins and I have discovered that 2 plugins are guaranteed to slow up your WP reseller site from loading quickly. One is jetpack and the other is wordfence security... I now have them both disabled and my site loads fairly quickly again 2.78 sec gtmetrix and 3.58 to 4.5 sec on pingdom dependant on what server is used for the test with the latter. These 2 plugins are definitely not agreeable with the reseller sites / rsp plugin as my page load times were terrible before I disabled them.


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              Hi guys.

              In order to test the website speed I prefer to use the Google Page Speed tool:

              W3 Total Cache is a good tool, that can help optimizing and speeding up the WordPress!

              Best Regards,


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                Hi there tom... I had already run google page speed on my site last night and got red exclamations in 2 areas

                1- reduce server response time - In our test, your server responded in 2.6 seconds. There are many factors that can slow down your server response time. Please read our recommendations to learn how you can monitor and measure where your server is spending the most time.

                2- Remove render-blocking javascript and css in above the fold content - None of the above-the-fold content on your page could be rendered without waiting for the following resources to load. Try to defer or asynchronously load blocking resources, or inline the critical portions of those resources directly in the HTML. The list is long.

                #2 is the culprit of number one. Some of it is related to plugins I use, can these be moved to the footer to reduce server response time?
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                  Hi doneritehosting.

                  I have just tested your website with the Google Tool and I got 76/100, which believe me is a good result.

                  Google is 98, Yahoo 86 , - 86, Ebay - 84.

                  Best Regads,


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                    weird i got 62 on mobile and 74 desktop 5am this morning.


                    • iads
                      iads commented
                      Editing a comment
                      I think that a difference of only 2 points might be chalked up to network traffic and server location... and in my experience mobile always loads slower...

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                    I caught this error in the cloudhost template testing with pingdom. The file bg-testimonials.png is missing. I did a temporary fix by creating a 1x1 white png file and uploading it but if you could post the file that is supposed to be there I would be grateful. Helped with site load time too


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                      This is the file in question:


                      Click image for larger version

Name:	bg-testimonial.png
Views:	115
Size:	2.0 KB
ID:	55151

                      You will need to rename the file to: bg-testimonials.png when saving, then upload it to the template images folder:


                      Best Regards,
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                        Thanks Tom, Got it uploaded


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                          I check w3 total cache and get this
                          [INDENT]mod_deflate: Not detected (required for disk enhanced Page Cache and Browser Cache)
                          mod_env: Not detected (required for disk enhanced Page Cache and Browser Cache)
                          mod_expires: Not detected (required for disk enhanced Page Cache and Browser Cache)
                          mod_headers: Not detected (required for disk enhanced Page Cache and Browser Cache)
                          mod_mime: Not detected (required for disk enhanced Page Cache and Browser Cache)
                          mod_rewrite: Not detected (required for disk enhanced Page Cache and Browser Cache)
                          mod_setenvif: Not detected (required for disk enhanced Page Cache and Browser Cache[I])[/I][/INDENT]
                          Is that important or not?


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                            Originally posted by bandzy View Post
                            Is that important or not?
                            Just means that W3 TC cant do its job because the modules it needs for it to function correctly aren’t available.