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Domain registration api problem (bug)

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  • Domain registration api problem (bug)

    Hello all,
    I notice some problem with transferring data from domain page to Order form (Signup form).

    Thing is , if in domains pages select some domain with other then .com tld in order form its thatdomain whit .com tld

    Don't know what is bug but I find if from address bar remove &stop_search=1 its open domain registration popup form.
    Is there any other solutions or we have to w8 for some update.

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    Good catch on that on that one bandzy all paramaters in the url above seem to be passed to the order form except tld=co . Changing stop_search=1 to stop_search=0 will also activate the popup with all the correct paramaters passed to it. I would surmise that this is a bug. clivejo would you mind chiming in on this?
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      Looks like a bug in the way parameters are passed to the order form. Just to be clear the current RSP plugin does not use the API for ordering. It uses the remote order form from your store on duo servers.

      http://<<your store name>><<additional parameters to pre-populate the form>>


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        Ok, tnx for replay.
        What is Solution??


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          It seems to be a bug with the plugin, therefore you will need to open a ticket from within your resellers panel and ask for a developer to look into it.


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            The issue has been escalated to our Developers.

            It will be fixed soon and an update will be issued.

            Best Regards,


            • doneritehosting
              doneritehosting commented
              Editing a comment
              Thanks Tom, Deeply appreciated on this end

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            Tom, have you guys any plans to use the API for ordering ?? It would be great if the plugin could be switched to Advanced mode and make use of other payment gateways and place the order via the API directly.


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              Thats a good question clivejo and it's a logical step to take with the wp themes are you suggesting to leave the current themes as is or a alternate set of themes developed that are not as controlled by the rsp plugin for advanced api use and customization?


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                Ok the 150 update of the rsp plugin fixes the domain search issue... I also had a theme update for the cloudhost theme.


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                  clivejo, unfortunately I do not have such information

                  As DoneRite said, the problem in this thread has been resolved.

                  All reported issues have been forwarded to our Developers and will be resolved soon

                  Best Regards,


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                    Thanks its good now,
                    Btw I have found some error in some page, can I write here or to create new topic


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                      What other errors have you found?


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                        Its page "register"
                        title is "Register ORG.UK"
                        url ..../register-org-uk-2/


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                          could you pm me specific urls to the pages you are referring to? I do not seem to have them on my installation so I can refer to them.


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                            Thanks for pm'ing the url...
                            In case another member encounters this problem...

                            Edit the page and make the following changes in the same places already on your page... Make sure to use the same variant values as already in your page as well

                            [domain_names_sole_banner tld="" variant="2"]
                            [domain_search_box variant="4" tld=""]
                            <div id="domain-sidebar">[domain_prices_box tld=""]</div>

                            Then just change your page content to reflect where needed..

                            Presto, done...

                            Having more information, This "fix" is not the resolution for brandzy's issue. It's related to the tables created by shortcode in the domain registration pages particular to the hyperlink redirecting to a url with mostly content. What I posted will fix the page content but will not fix the oriented url issue. It's not related to every theme as I am using the elegant theme without this problem. Brandzy, would you mind posting the theme you are using so other resellers will be aware of which theme has this problem?
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