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    For those that were using the Yoast SEO plugin and having problems (including me), I just installed the "All In One SEO plugin" and it seems to work fine with the Rsp themes / plugin and has the xml sitemap generator with google / bing notification built in. I know that the rsp themes static pages has seo functions included but the custom posts you make do not and one cool thing I like about this one is it uses your tags in the posts for keyword content automatically.

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    I have used SEO Ultimate and it works fine. But now I had a situation where I really needed Yoast, so I digged a bit and found that some script in the rsp plugin causes css display:none for the content under Yoast admin tabs.

    I found a solution, at least partly, by adding this code to the theme functions.php:

    add_action('admin_head', 'my_custom_fonts');
    function my_custom_fonts() {
      echo '<style>
        .wpseotab {
    Result: Now the content under the first tab of Yoast admin shows. That contains the most important settings, so it works for me, but of course I would be happy if someone could figure out how to fix the rest of the tabs. Anyway, I'm running Yoast SEO now.

    Hint: Chrome shows this error message in plugins/resellerspanel/js/bottom.js

    Uncought ReferrenceError: nodo is not defined