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  • Previous version of Resellers Panel Plugin

    I installed the updated r/s plugin today, it doesn't seem to be stable:
    • buy/order now buttons don't work
    • testimonials are crazy
    • short codes seem to be missing
    • pages dashboard settings page (resellerspanel-pages.php) doesn't seem to work

    Does anyone have the previous versions laying around?

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    Looks like you hit a problem during installation. The links to the order form are corrupt/not working and the order form located at is not taking on your sites theme for some reason. I would delete it and start again, including wipe the database.

    If you want a previous version I should have most of them, which version do you want?


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      My gut jus telling me it is the update.... whatever was running on in near or around the beginning of the year will do. Thanks!


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        Here is version 1.3.0 of the plugin host23. Most wp plugins work with it including jetpack

        You wouldn't happen to be using a 3rd party rich editor to edit your static pages would you?

        It's something besides the rsp plugin update causing your alignment problems. I'm using the latest update with the cloudhost theme without any alignment problems... After the last plugin update I did have to re enter my reseller api information under resellerspanel -> Connection and click save changes for everything to work. I will forewarn you that you will lose all custom work doing this unless you check all pages do not update which is not going to do you any good as I now see your navigation menus are not working on this end either. Try re entering your reseller api information under resellerspanel -> Connection and click save changes and see if the plugin will rebuild the pages for you.. if you have custom work you are going to lose it but at least you will have a working site to start over with again.
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          This one is version 1.4, April 2013, will that do?


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            Dont know clive he didnt specify the version used before the upgrade, I think 140 was the version where multiple order forms were introduced and the compatability problems with jetpack, Yoast and wordfence started. Really no concern about those though, the current plugin version still has those problems.


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              @clivejo & @doneritehosting, thanks... 1.3 was what I needed. I was at 1.4.5, I skipped 1.4.0 update.

              I only have 5 plugins on that site. Sahre This, Google Site Map, Importer (added today to restore my file), RS and Facebook Open Graph.


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                You're welcome host23
                Hmmm... I might would ask clivejo for that copy of 140 he has then if you feel sure skipping that update is what messed your site up.. I think there was also a 142 update to go along with all of it.

                Was all you had to do is reinstall 1.30 or was there more to it? I see your sites back to normal again


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                  I would still purge the database, you have duplicate pages ( ie ) But your links and order form seem to be working again now


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                    Hey host23!

                    You can open a Support Ticket and request your website to be restored from a backup, you know?

                    We do keep backups for Hosting Accounts for 7 days so this will definitely work for you!

                    You can open a Ticket from your Hosting Control Panel >> Help >> Open Support Ticket



                    Best Regards,