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A new "resellers plugin"

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  • A new "resellers plugin"

    Does anyone here have the coding skills to work with me to write a new plug-in, but based on custom payment processing and ordering via the API?

    I imagine something that has optional payment modules you can configure for different payment processors. Then connecting to the RSP API to order the services required. I would also like for prices to be cached locally so that if the API goes down ( Like the other night) the site doesn’t look like a mess.

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    clivejo, if I had what you are looking for, I would be honored to help you. hint, start hitting up resellers active in the forum around 2005 - 2008 some of those I know were using the api. Matter of fact hit up steathy "the steathy one" . He can probably help you out on that one. I bet at least he knows a reseller using the api.


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      I know how the API works, that’s not the problem. The problem is integrating a user interface (order form) and then communicate with payment processor.


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        just figured he could help you out.


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          You can always look on the or you can always use and find a lot of people in the Phillipines to do a plugin for you fairly cheaply