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Six Plans on Shared Hosting Page Issue and Fix

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  • Six Plans on Shared Hosting Page Issue and Fix

    So I had an issue on my store on the shared hosting page. What happened was that the Domain Registration/Transfer text was overlapping into the plan boxes because I have six plans showing on the shared hosting page. I spoke to support, and Yan told me it is a design issue. However, there is a temporary fix that Yan suggested and I have implemented and it works. It isn't as pretty, but it does the job.

    For those that want to have six plans on their shared hosting page, This is what you need to do to fix the text overlapping where it says Domain Registration/Transfer. First, you need to log into your WP dashboard. Once you've done that, navigate to the shared hosting page of your site and click the edit page link at the very top of the site. After that, you'll be taken to the editor in the WP Admin section. Find the Domain Registration/Transfer text in the editor, and add a space before *AND* after the "/" in Domain Registration /Transfer. This forces Transfer to appear one line below the Registration / text, thus fixing the issue.

    Note, this is a temporary fix only until RSP updates the themes, so when that happens and the issue resurfaces, you'll have to, you guessed it, go through the process again.

    This fix should also theoretically work for any other text overlapping, but I haven't had the overlapping issue anywhere else on the theme I'm using, I tried it so don't take my word for it.

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    Appreciate that info Nova I personally do not offer that many shared plans but you never know what the future holds... thanks for sharing this issue and resolution...


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      No problem, donerite! If I come across any other issues that need to be posted about on the forums, I will do so!