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  • Subdomain mini-stores

    Mr Donerite and I had a discussion in a PM regarding mini-stores and how it might work. My suggestion was to use Wordpress multi-site functionality and install a 'Wordpress instance' on each subdomain ie:

    Then in each of the mini-sites you could customize the layout, with say a different colour theme for each mini-site and also linked to a different RSP store in which you only offer the products you want on the order form. I think this idea would work, but has anyone tried it?

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    I also had such a discussion with Donerite via facebook. I even brought it to Tom's attention via PM, and he said that something like this had already been tested, but didn't work well enough to warrant full implementation. But if you actually look at it, this type of feature is already somewhat possible with RSP's multiple stores per account feature. I haven't tested the system you're describing out myself, but I do want to do so in the future.


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      Hello clivejo... I have not had a chance to try and implement this as of yet.... I was supposed to go on vacation but it didnt work out... I have put in for another date vacation time... I will try it then...


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        After actually thinking about it, I never mentioned to tom that my idea was for the wordpress plugin, lol. He might have thought I meant for basic templates. Not sure, though.


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          Maybe you can accomplish what you want by using a Wildcard Domain or sub.domain if you can trick Wordpress into allowing each page to have its own color scheme.


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            Forgive me for saying this, but isn't that basically what's being suggested by clivejo, lol.


            • iads
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              I'm not clamming to be an expert on any of this, but I didn't see anything about Wildcard Domains in clivejo's statement.. I thought that he was talking about Wordpress multi-site functionality. Which as I understand are multiple Wordpress installations working together. Wildcard Domains allow you to call folders and files as automatically using the .htaccess to redirect.

            • Nova-Host
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              Good point. He didn't say anything about wildcard domains, but you're also right on the other point, he was talking about Wordpress multi-site functionality.