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    I have rolled back to version 1.3.0 on one of my reseller sites this morning for more plugin compatability.... in particular to regain yoast wordpress seo functionality... I'll keep everyone updated how the organic search visits go over time as google and bing re-indexes the site, yoast is the best seo advisor plugin I have ever used... pity that it does not function with any of the plugin releases beyond 1.3.0

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    what way does it stop working?


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      are there any "downsides" to your rolling back?


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        @clivejo best I can say is all functionality is lost, its been bugged to RSP for well over a year

        @thelarry biggest downside is if rsp introduces new features, such as discounts at purchase, I may not be able to use them (remains to be tested though)... Its also annoying to look at the update notification in wordpress admin all the time.. also you lose the multiple signup pages (not sure if that is a loss yet).

        Pros are :

        Seo plugins such yoast and squirrelly will work fine. Yoast even removes rsp's code from the header that inserts title / description / keyword metadata so there are no duplicate entries. SWEET! Option to restore it is there if you quit using yoast.

        Wordfence security works with no issues had signup form issues from 1.3.2 to current version if I remember correctly

        Jetpack is functional with no issues (The parts of jetpack i use anyway)

        I bugged quite a few plugins that quit working starting with I think ver 1.3.2 of the plugin, some are listed on the forum... most in support tickets.. I can't remember them all.. 1.3.0 was the last version that worked compatible... I kept it as a fallback in case the bugged issues were not fixed..

        As things stand right now I will take the 3rd party plugin functionality over multiple signup pages.... especially yoast as it walks you through seoing your posts and pages.


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          Originally posted by doneritehosting View Post
          ... Yoast even removes rsp's code from the header that inserts title / description / keyword metadata so there are no duplicate entries.
          HOLD THE BUS! We haven't got that far yet on customizing our site but are you saying under current RSP plugin version(s) one cannot customize metas like title and descriiption per page? (we could give a care about keywords). That would suck big time and push us to completely custom remote forms.

          - thx


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            Yes you can modify the meta data, rsp's themes / plugin allows that its built in.... but if you are using a seo plugin like I do rsp's meta data function and the seo plugin's meta data function conflicts and causes duplicate entries for each meta tag in the header, 2 titles, 2 descriptions, 2 keyword.... Yoast, detecting and removing that snippet of code rsp uses to dynamically generate meta data, prevents this from happening with Yoast..

            If you search right now, @6:41am cdt june 7, I already currently have a 1st page rank for the key phrase "Low Cost Unlimited Web Hosting" for Granted it's a low competition key phrase but yoast works, gets results plus its free... and that is in just shy of 24 hours.. I have not checked the country specific googles but this result is good enough for me.. And it should be worth investigating why yoast will not work with the current release of the RSP plugin.
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              For the issues with Yoast SEO, I posted a partway solution here: