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  • Resellerspanel plugin for Wordpress

    The page [rp_plans_tabs dc="steadfast"] in Wordpress displays all 4 plans.

    Is it possible to exclude a plan from showing up in the tab?

    Is there a document for ResellersPanel plugin parameters? ie. rp_plans, rp_order_form, domain_search_box

    The Resellers-Panel help in Wordpress doesn't give too much information.

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    Thanks clivejo.

    If you look at this page:

    It shows Shared Hosting, OpenVZ VPS, Semi-Dedicated Plans and Dedicated Servers in the tab.

    Can I remove the "Semi-Dedicated Plans" from the tab?


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      Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction.

      I was able to remove the tab in /plugins/resellerspanel/templates/plans_tabs.php

      Resellerspanel plugin is excellent!


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        There is a check in that PHP code which checked against your store settings.

        <?php if(array_key_exists($dc_key, $GLOBALS['rp_info']['datacenters']['semidedicated'])){ ?>
        <div id="semi_dedicated_content" class="tab-content">
        [dc_plans dc="<?php echo $dc;?>" type="semi_dedicated"]
        [rp_plans_short type="semi_dedicated_compare" plans="" best=""]
        <?php }?>
        Have you tried disabling them in your Resellers Panel?

        If you log into your panel as a reseller Go to My Offers > Semi-Dedicated offers. In the list click on the little light bulb and little shopping basket to de-activate that option so they are greyed out. Make sure you do each one in the list.

        Then in your Wordpress store go to the plug in connection page and click "delete cache and refresh account info" that should prevent them from being displayed as your store is set to no longer offer those products/services.


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          Actually both "Semi Dedicated 1" and "Semi Dedicated 2" were disabled in Resellers Panel. And no product shows in the Semi-Dedicated Plans tab on the website. But it still keeps the empty tab so I have to manually remove the code in plans_tabs.php.


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            Originally posted by ec4web View Post
            I was able to remove the tab in /plugins/resellerspanel/templates/plans_tabs.php
            Its a quick and dirty hack, but its works! Just be aware that the next upgrade to the plug-in will undo all your work