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WYSISYG editing in WP template?

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  • WYSISYG editing in WP template?

    I know I'm completely new to WP but I think I'm missing something here. I seem to only have the option to edit the code for any of our (New Aurora) pages. I cannot find a WYSISYG editor toggle or function. WP cannot be the favored of the masses if its code-edit only. Obviously I"m missing something. Thanks.

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    Yup. It's disabed because it breaks rsp's html in the static pages... there was supposed to be a fix coming last I chatted with support about it a few moons ago....

    FolioPress WYSIWYG plugin will work (its the only one that will work) just remember to disable it before you edit static pages.

    The other 3rd party editors I tried did not work because they rely on tinymce editor built into wordpress.... foliopress is the only stand alone editor I could find that worked correctly..

    direct link in the repository:

    Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for broken reseller sites lmao!!
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      Thanks donerite,,, that makes (sucky) sense. I'd rather edit my way around the code for what little i'm doing than risk a plugin. I was playing with that new master template they released for the static shops, but they only made me appreciate the WP template/plugin that much more. I still want to play with a remote forms Joomla! site and see how it looks.

      Thanks again as always.


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        I'm using storemaster on one reseller site.... I like it well enough and its easy to setup and edit you can even set your own custom urls up with redirects from old urls setup automatic on the fly..... just waiting for a custom news feature to be added and It will fill my total bill... RSP is putting alot of effort into this and its not something to overlook..

        The plugin works good Larry no problems there.. I dont edit rsp's static pages though.... I use it to publish news articles..... Way much easier..
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          If any one need old school WP WYSISYG you can enable it just be sure when you update RSP plugin
          in WP folder /plugins/resellerspanel/lib/ find rp_skip_filters.php and find & edit next line

          function rp_remove_can_richedit( $can )
          return false; // change into -> return true;


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            Nice fix Bandzy... for those who do not wish to tinker with code I am currently using Open Live Writer for writing blog posts... Its free, Works excellent and practically eliminates forgetting to disable the rich editor when editing static pages.....


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              Point of interest for those of you using All In One SEO Pack. This plugin will not automatically generate proper titles and descriptions without bandzy's fix above. Shows html in the descriptions without having the WP WYSISYG editor enabled. Not good for seo.