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Problem after latest update

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    Originally posted by yav0r View Post
    Hey Dutchy I just saw this, sorry.

    Do I have your permission to do some havoc in there?
    I see its fresh new so nothing uploaded from your end yet ?

    If so I would like to go ahead and take a look probably reinstall it so I can reproduce the error if I can.

    PM me or just answer here.

    No problem Yan,

    Yes, I did re-install wordpress, deleted all cookies and cache in my browsers,
    but I still get 404 errors. Tried at work, home, friends, no luck.

    If you want to take a look, yes please!

    Maybe I overlooked something?




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      ** clivejo paces the floor, waiting impatiently for the results of the delicate operation to piece together the parts of dutchy's website with the broken heart **


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        me too clivejo, I'm curious.


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          I know this is going to sound ******ed but it is always the small things.

          When you uninstalled the old wordpress, because the permissions were changed by that plugin the wp-content folder was not deleted.

          Than you installed your new wordpress installation but the folder was there already and could not be overwritten so actually the same thing happened in the terms of results

          I have purged your domain folder and wordpress installations and you can finally install your wordpress site anew.

          Should work like a charm.


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            Good morning Yan,

            yes it sounds ****ed, and it is. Learned a lesson the hard way. as far as I can see everything is working fine now.
            What I don't understand, is that I thought I removed every folder before re-installing wp.
            Anyway, it works now, and I want to thank you for that!! I'll be more carefull in the future.
            Take care Yan, and thanks once again!!!!



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              Not a problem mate, sorry it took me so long to sort it out, I have been overwhelmed lately.

              Its good when it ends good