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Adding a WHOIS feature to your Wordpress Resellers Site

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  • Adding a WHOIS feature to your Wordpress Resellers Site

    Just wanted to post how to add a WHOIS to your Wordpress site.
    1. Log in to your admin section of your Wordpress Site
    2. In your Dashboard go to Plugins > Add new
    3. Search for "DomainLabs Whois"
    4. There should only be one search result, install this plugin
    5. Create a new page, with the permalink
    6. Add a heading such as "Your Site Hosting WHOIS query" and a small explanation as to what its function, then add the following shortcode
    7. Click Update to save your changes and then visit this page and you should see a WHOIS query form

    The plugin also installs a widget for use on your site, so you can put it where you wish.
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    Thanks for the info of the plugin clivejo. It works as advertised but does not provide a widget shortcode so that the search form can be inserted into rsp's static pages. Works fine on regular blog pages though such as posts where the widget itself can be used. I have emailed the plugin author and hopefully this functionality will be added.


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      Let me know how you get on. It seems that the developer hasnt updated in over a year. There are a few issues with the Admin menu but nothing serious that cant be fixed. Also it should be easy enough to add a shortcode.


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        Thanks for sharing the details of WHOIS feature it is very important for me.
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          First and final warning lilly, DO NOT SPAM on this forum.

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          Hmm forgot to follow up on this one clive... No luck with the dev after multiple emails... sigh... Anyhow.... what did I miss on this one spam-wise?