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Two currency on NEXT level theme

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  • Two currency on NEXT level theme

    Dear All,

    I have couple of query on ready made reseller theme.

    1. How can show two currency in price?
    2. Please look at the photo.When I add more menu items then ( Like Contact Us ) it is going second row where I have black shadow. How "Contact Us" can be shown like upper row ?

    Thanks in advance

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    1) I'm afraid once the store currency is set in your Resellers Panel, this is the currency that will be displayed by the RSP plugin. You could hack the plugin to do it, but you would need to know PHP and be prepared to do the work every time the plugin is updated. Quite a big job. Another way around it is to have two stores, one in each currency. For example say you wanted USD and EUR, you could have two separate sites, maybe at different subdomains ( ie and ) or even just in different folders ( ie )

    2) The menu is a fixed length. When it gets too long the items wrap around onto the next line. The way I get round this is to break my menu into sub-menus. For example, I would have a Top level menu called "Hosting" with three sub menus "Cloud/Shared", "Virtual Private Server (VPS)" and "Dedicated". In fact I even group the "Data Centres" into "Hosting"


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      Editing a comment
      Thanks a lot for your reply. I have created subdomain like ( I want to show indian currency and USD ). You know local people does not have conversion rate always in mind.

      Could you please tell me how can I activate my sub domain. If I want to start from the beginning then I will loose what I have edited. I want to keep same info in subdomain like my original domain. Later, I will try to add INR for

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    Agreed, alot of work.. Lol.. There quite a few innovative mods can be done with the plugin but as clivejo says every time you update the plugin you will have to re write them all over again..