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Simply Elegant issue on Chrome

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  • Simply Elegant issue on Chrome

    anyone seeing what i'm seeing (on Chrome)? Simply Elegant order page tab menu is out of line pushing the "certificate" portion of SSL Certificate tab down and line and to the left under Domains. Also the copyright line in footer seems to be whack as well. I'm seeing this both on the preview within our reseller panel and in our installed template (not active now since its messed up) i did search for this but to no avail

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    Thanks yav0r I'm seeing this pretty consistently in two places, in BOTH your resellers' TOOLS area under WP templates when I click the "Preview" link and (i've reactivated this for a while for your viewing) on the order page of

    I've attatched snipets.... one of the tabs issue

    Environment: 3 computers, 2 on Windows 7, 1 WIndows 10 All three on Chrome, one unknown version (not available at the moment) and 2 at version 48.0.2564.97. I upgraded one to current v48.0.2564.103 and see the same results.

    Second one is a more minor formating issue you might want to take a second look at... I'm seeing this everywhere and may NOT be exactly wrong, but it doesn' t look good the way the copyright line is displayed and the credit card graphics seem stretched.

    Otherwise a BEAUTIFUL subtle template.


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      Fantastic, thanks yav0r! if you can remember, please reply back next week when its available!


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        Just following up yav0r, has this "fix/version" been released yet? thx


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          Thaks yav0r, i'll check back in a couple weeks


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            This happens when you offer too many services They simply don't fit into the width of the container. I solved it by not offering the Virtuozzo VPS service. Anyway, I believe resellers benefit from choosing to sell only one type of VPS since too many choices often make buyers hesitate.


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              yav0r Thanks so much for the heads-up. I'll do this over the weekend and report back!


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                Indeed the plugin/template updates did the trick on the broken format issues! THanks you. On an unrelated note, where do i go to change the email address that appears in the contact info in footer... I sure don't want it be my own! thanks. [EDIT: never mind, I found the email setting!]
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