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How to add to/change features on plans on Home and Matrix pages

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  • How to add to/change features on plans on Home and Matrix pages

    I'm looking to add or change information to the bulletted plan features you see on the home page

    Click image for larger version

Name:	PnEvIgc.png
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	baBxT8Z.png
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    as well as on the plan matrix pages.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	M5ompPC.png
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ID:	61888

    Can someone share info on how/where to do this?

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    It can be done via one of the php files in the rsp plugin, I do not remember which one unfortunately. there is a thread on the forum where clivejo (thanks clivejo) helped me to do some fantastic mods with the wp themes via the plugin... the potential is incredible, but word of advise, if you search out and do these mods just as soon as you update the rsp plugin you start with a clean slate again aka you lose all your mods... so do not update...


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      Sorry I never came back to update. Been a bit hectic.

      I have since figured out how to modify various pages/elements of these RSP wordpress sites, most of which require modification of plugin files (for me, anyway).

      But I have since ceased modifying/customizing plugin files as well as DB content since my mods will all be in vain once I have to update the plugin.

      Not updating the plugin isn't an option since 99.99% of the time those updates will be security or product/offering related. I doubt RSP would waste time updating the plugin if it weren't necessary. (But then, what do I know ) in point
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