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PHP7 = 500 error for WP sites

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  • PHP7 = 500 error for WP sites

    I was just messin' around and enabled PHP7 (from PHP5.6) and when I did that, all my wordpress sites came up with a 500 internal server error, including my wordpress reseller site.

    Just wondering why this is and if anyone else has experienced this.

    Is there setting or 2 I have to change in PHP7 for this not to happen or is WP just not compatible with PHP7?

    Just curious.

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    I think while the latest version of WP are compatible with PHP7, many plug-ins are not. Have you tried it on a clean install of WP with no plugins installed?


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      Just tried it.

      Installed WP, switched to 500 error.

      Switched back to PHP5.6, deleted the default installed plugins...still got 500 server error.


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        Hello vrebub,

        I will advise you to open a support ticket from your hosting account if you are still facing the issue. I was just able to install a fresh WordPress and it is working correctly with PHP 7.

        Best Regards,
        Cvetan Ivanov


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          This issue was resolved. Took 2 tries because, at first, tech support blamed it on the RSP installer not using the latest version of Wordpress :/

          But when I proved that theory invalid, by
          • pointing out that the installer has the latest version and
          • manually installing a test WP site with the latest version downloaded from with all plugins deleted,

          they fixed the issue and I can now use WP with PHP7.

          I cannot tell you what they did to fix this problem, though as they did not relay that info to me.