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    If any of you are missing the rich editor for wordpress in the reseller themes have you tried the free trial of blogjet? Complete offline editor for wordpress... Its faster.. no server or network lag, it does not use cpu off the server while composing. when you finish you just post and the files photos everything just uploads to your blog and works... Is it free? No, but I'll never go back to using the wordpress editor again. Here is the site... clivejo, this is not spam, I know your radar is already bleeping hehe... Just trying to help some fellow resellers out... its worth it to me

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    I'm gonna add to this.... I gave MIcrosoft Live Writer a go and its light years ahead of Blogjet. However Microsoft seems to have shelved it and now it's collecting dust... Today I ran up on Open Live Writer which is an open source fork of Microsoft Live writer with a support team and a development team.... Faster, smoother with more features and free Check it out here makes posting fun again hehe.
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