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Confused about how "TurnKey" this is?

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  • Confused about how "TurnKey" this is?

    Hey, sorry for being so abrupt, but I didn't find anything when I first attempted searching. Maybe someone can help me?

    The way I interpreted the Reseller Panel Plugin with wordpress was that it would be turn-key and the plugin would link to my store (which it did). But whenever I add pages, it doesn't pull any data or prices from my store. All the information I expected it to pull are in {{brackets_and_underscored}}

    My question: Is that expected behavior? I don't see how that is turnkey for a plugin that links to my store, if it doesn't actually pull any information from it?

    Can someone point me into the right direction? I would greatly appreciate any help you could provide.

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    Would you please submit a support ticket providing us with your website name and WordPress login details so we could investigate the matter further for you.

    Looking forward to hearing from you again.

    Best Regards,
    James Hunt


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      Thanks James, I resolved it myself this morning. I was using my resellers panel username in the Resellers Plugin, instead of my API store username.