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Order Form, domain search and W3TC JS and Css minification problem

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  • Order Form, domain search and W3TC JS and Css minification problem

    Hi, I have experience problems with JS & CSS minification in W3TC, when I enable default JS & CSS minification then Order form lose CSS styling and tabs cant be open.
    On domain search there are no live search for domain and animation.
    My question is there are solution to change minify settings or do I have to change pages and other scripts to make it work.
    If anyone have solution please share it.

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    Hi Bandzy,

    ​I have also ran into this problem not with just W3TC but any other WP cache that offers JS & CSS minification. I never found a Fix for it. I do however now use WP Super Cache along with Zendy Speed Browser Caching without JS & CSS minification and I get low sub 2 sec loading times via pingdom ymmv (varies with the server selected for the test of course). Also I use All In One SEO over other seo plugins. Their speed gain claims are accurate and verifiable on a page speed test. Only problem with All in one is being how the rich editor is disabled in the rsp themes it will pick up html in page descriptions and social media exerpts but its a minor thing to manually replace this with your own... Speed increase and less server load is worth it to me... If you decide to try this be sure to exclude your sitemaps from being cached in super cache as it strips the formatting....

    If someone has a fix for JS & CSS minification​ using any cache for WP I would be interested in seeing them myself but currently happy with my setup as is.

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      After hours of testing and checking I finally manage to make W3TC to work.
      Here is my settings:
      latest WP on php7
      latest W3TC
      On general settings minify put on manual

      On minify page click help and check all for JS & CSS
      save and delete cache
      for JS minify I put all 3 options on defer
      Don't know if that is best options but I for now have best results