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    Just signed up, trying to sort through the options available to me to see how I can fit this service into my existing business model and maybe start a new model that would utilize these services more fully.

    I am primarily a front end designer and pretty much 100% wordpress driven. I have typically helped customers buy their domains and hosting and then developed the site and handed it over. I am wanting to expand my business into a more complete package, and maximize my income, through offering domain names, hosting and wordpress managing / maintenance services. I went down the path of renting a dedicated but that was overkill and too much work.

    I am trying to figure out how I can best use this service to accomplish my goals. I want to simplify my marketing and offer clients simplified and all inclusive bundles of - lets say $***XX d=for design and setup, and then 30-60-90 dollars a month based on complexity of site, that includes for example: domain, hosting, management, wordpress maintenance, added functionality plugin licensing etc. They would only be responsible for supplying any new content that they want published.

    So, my question is, how would you go about integrating the added services that would not be billed by RP? obviously the domain and hosting can be billed by RP, but that will only be a part, small part, of the monthly fee that I will need to collect.

    Additionally, I would like to use my current design for this business model and be able to add some of the features from RP, to it.

    Can I use the forms on my existing site even if it is on a different server, or do I need to move it?

    Should I

    I don't anticipate large volume of new clients, maybe 1-4 per month. I saw that I could add forms to a custom site, and I am sure I could integrate those easily enough and style them to fit. I think I am leaning that direction for this model.

    I am also leaning toward adding new models under a different business name - focusing on hosting services and offering design as an add on.

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    You can handle the billing yourself and by logging in as reseller can order services @ wholesale prices. Actually by logging in as reseller you can totally manage your clients hosting needs, all from within the RSP CP. You can quickly and easily get a Wordpress install up and running with the application installer. I can literally have a new domain, hosting account and Wordpress install operational in minutes!

    You can also disable upgrade and renewal options from within the Hepsia CP so that you can handle these yourself, using your own pricing/business model.
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      clivejo Thanks! I was able to install Wordpress on the main domain I purchased a dns cluster for using the free Wordpress hosting offer. I was then able to create a subdomain and install Wordpress on that as well (using the same database since that plan is limited to one database) and on the subdomain I will use one of the Wordpress themes they offer here. This way I can continue to offer fully managed sites and just manually purchase the services needed, and then bill the clients directly. The subdomain will be used for the opposite, offering do it yourself hosting plans and hey... mr. customer if you need help with your design, may we recommend... ;-)