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    I have had really bad experience with Fasthosts API system, i'm looking for a reseller. I want to sell web hosting on my site. i have heard good things about resellers Pannel. branding nameservers which is very importent!

    i dont want to spend hours codeing a control panel ect!

    anyone else using resellers Pannel?



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    I wouldn't change from RSP. I have tried others in the past but have been here a number of years now. Support for me has been just exemplary. I have not used their API but have no need to. I think you will be happy here just don't expect to make money by not promoting yourself and your service. You are not going to do much if you just sign up and just wait for something to happen.


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      I went from host to host looking for a decent one. I finally came back to Resellers Panel in September 2011 and don't have any plans on going anywhere else. I haven't really promoted my reseller account. I do have a few customers that I host on a semi-dedicated server that I purchased here. I also have a couple of SSL certs which are the easiest to setup here than anywhere I have ever been. The Application installer makes things really easy to setup and you really can't find a better control panel than the Hepsia control panel. Support here really is superb especially in their response times which for me has ranged, I believe from 6 min to 20 min, with an average response time of 13 min. This keep in mind is from ticket creation to resolution of my issue. Unheard of in the hosting industry as far as I know.

      If you would like some examples of what I have been able to accomplish very easily with Resellers Panel, take a look at or I also have two sites of my own I am working on at or I have done all of these sites through the Hepsia control panel using the Application Installer. None of the main scripts were manually installed by me at all.


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        Something to keep in mind in case you don't already know...

        In order to be able to use the API here at RP, you must meat at least 1 of the following condisions...
        • you should have at least two existing web hosting customers with active accounts beyond the 30-days money back guarantee period and not expiring in the next 60 days
        • you should have a minimum of $100 USD deposited into the RESELLER's Wallet account.
        Therefore, if you want to use the API right away without getting customers first, you will need to pony-up $100. I say "pony-up" becasue money put into your wallet is non-refundable. Therefore, if you never get any customers (or buy services for yourself), you will never be able to use that money in your wallet.