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  • UK cpanel questions

    I have a few questions about the c-panel UK offers:
    - Which server systems are used - single dedicated server w/ cpanel or a cloud system?
    - can I set own RDNs records and hostnames?
    - can I use a external DNS service and point DNS templates to the Server IP?
    - If a host system was hacked or due to data loss by SSDs ... is a restore from your site always possible?
    - Is there a place for opening tickets w/ c-panel system issues?
    - can I upgrade from Unlimited1 to Unlimited2 If necessary

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    The new cPanel Reseller Unlimited servers are configured in a cloud system. Note that this is a shared hosting environment and you can't change the server's hostname but you can configure your own private name server record for your domains. You can also use external DNS service and point the domains to the shared server only with A record.

    We are regularly generating full cPanel backups for all accounts on our servers which can be used to restore the whole account from a particular date after a request in a support ticket.

    The billing and support of your clients is a responsibility of the reseller but you can contact us by opening a support ticket from your billing area.
    You can always upgrade from Unlimited 1 to Unlimited 2 plan. Note however that the Unlimited cPanel Reseller plans are only available in US, not UK.

    Best Regards,
    Cvetan Ivanov