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Will anyone who I sign up for hosting also be asked to become a Reseller?

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  • Will anyone who I sign up for hosting also be asked to become a Reseller?

    This is on the demo site. My question is will any people who are signed up for hosting, then in turn get this message, to also become a reseller?

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    Get what message?


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      I thought I added a copy of the message I saw on the demo but it seems to be gone from my previous post. I'm not sure what happened. Anyways, the post on the demo site said that two of the plans also come with a free reseller account.


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        I didn't mean to offend anyone. I was simply referring to the (demo site). If I misunderstood then my apologies. A copy of what I was referring to is below:

        With True Cloud Hosting


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          What I was trying to show didn't show up fully in the previous post. However what I was referencing is on the page of true-cloud-hosting(.com) It says it right there and I thought that the demo site was what we would be receiving.
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            Hi crystal,

            I believe the text on the website that you are referring to is not aimed at recruiting resellers directly to RSP - instead suggesting visitors could buy a VPS or Dedicated server from 'YOUR' reseller hosting website and then resell hosting plans. E.G. a web designer who wants to provide hosting to their clients. You would still continue to supply them with their chosen VPS or Dedicated Plan to operate from.

            I hope this answers your question.


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              Ok I can understand this now. Thank you!


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                If you know clients who are maybe "reselling" your services (ie you notice someone with lots of domains on a VPS or similar plan, they might be a small scale web designer/developer) you could sign them up as an affiliate reseller. Basically it is a win-win situation in this case. You benefit by receiving 10% commission on their sales and they benefit from cheaper wholesale prices

                The following link shows it in more detail:

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