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    I am a web developer, I have a number of clients that I provide a website to on an all-inclusive rental package.
    I want to purchase hosting for these packages myself but want Resellerspanel to provide hosting support to my customers if needed.
    My question is this:-
    If I sign up to the free resellers panel and buy individual hosting accounts at wholesale prices for these all-inclusive packages can I use my one and only Paypal account every time? And would I get an individual account ID each time that I could pass to my customer to use to identify themselves to you should the need to?
    I don't intend to let my customers ever visit my reseller store, they would never know it exists as I would handle all initial and recurring payments and set up their site on the hosting myself.
    I just want resellershosting to handle their, if any, hosting problems direct instead of through me.

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    Yes that is possible on RSP, but you have to make sure their accounts are configured in such a way, so that you handle their upgrades/renews etc. For example, turn off everything in their Control Panel :-
    Click image for larger version

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    Any tickets opened in your clients account will be handled by RSP. There is an option to handle these yourself if you wanted to, sometimes this is nice to have so you can support your clients via a nice professional ticketing system, and anything you can't resolve direct can be escalated to RSP.

    The only issue I could see is that once the account is set-up in your clients name, you would need your clients login details in order to upload files, change DNS settings etc. We (resellers) used to be able to do these things in "Resellers Mode" but thanks to European legislation, these features have been removed


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      If your customers don't need access to the technical side of things ie DNS, databases, PHP setting, email config etc You could instead get a VPS plan. This way you could sell, for example a Wordpress install with domain name and x number of emails, for a fixed annual price and host them all on your VPS. You would set this up in your account (remember to buy your services at wholesale prices)

      As you acquire more clients you can upgrade the VPS for more disk space, RAM,etc as and when you need it. RSP will still support the hosting and technical side of things directly with you, and you could ask you customers to contact you directly to resolve any issues.
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        Thanks Clivejo


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          No problem, happy to help.