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Expired domains has ads to rsp which expose resellers

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  • Expired domains has ads to rsp which expose resellers


    I just noticed that RSP Expose the resellers by advertising themselves when domain expires not the reseller store the domain was purchased from originally with the same wholesale prices we get.

    this is bad and not acceptable and i hope it is to be fixed soon.

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    Why is it bad and not acceptable?

    If you let the domain expire then you cant really complain what RSP do with it afterwards! It like renting a house then complaining that the new tenants have put up new wallpaper after you moved out! To be honest, RSP are extremely fair regarding this, as most companies would totally hold you to ransom over expired domains with huge fees to get it back. RSP let you purchase the domain back for the same renewal price. If you dont, they still have to pay for the year renewal. Would you rather a cyber squatter bought it?

    One thing I suggest you look at is renewing valuable domains yourself and designing a holding page saying the domain is for sale and links back to your reseller store. Sometimes expiring domains are a great revenue stream as you could put adverts up on it and make yourself a bit of money. Also, a lot of domain owners change their minds after a few months and you could sell it back to them making a bit of profit!


    • clivejo
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      Yes I know he/she is talking about clients. It happened to me recently where the client said they didn’t want it, then changed their mind. I was expecting to have to pay the Redemption Grace Period (RGP) which can be as high as $199, but RSP had renewed it and I was able to get it back for the usual renewal fee.

      What I'm suggesting is that you as a reseller consider doing this as policy. Renew your clients domain for wholesale price and create a holding page stating the domain is for sale, linking back to your reseller site and displaying adverts. This has been a nice earner for some other resellers. See post #8 on this thread -

    • Tarek
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      This is not easy if you have many clients, I have ordered the Private DNS Cluster and it's purpose to protect my privacy and not to expose that i am a reseller for you.

      In this case when a client domain expires you expose us and this is what's not acceptable,
      if you put Adsense ads that's OK but don't put RSP Ads, We are resellers and we are who are bringing the clients, and in fact we can not compete with RSP Since you offer the same wholesale prices when a domain name expires.
      The second fact is we can not buy each expired domain, some have low traffic and not usable and will not pay off.

      The Point here is RSP SHALL NOT COMPETE With it's resellers. This is NOT FAIR.

      Waiting for others to see what you have to say.

      PS: idas check again one of the expired domains, they are leading the domain owner for RSP Store for renewal.

    • clivejo
      clivejo commented
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      I dont work for RSP, I'm a reseller just like you. I can understand why you dont like the idea of RSP advertising their services, but they are a business at the end of the day. The domain has expired and its not your clients or yours any more.

      The Private DNS Cluster does its job by allowing branding. ie, Whilst your client is with you they can access services via your private label.

      You got to ask yourself why the client is giving up on your reseller business. Are your prices too high? Is the customer service not up to scratch? There are many reasons why (too much spam, no-longer in business, web designer prefers to use their own hosting)

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    When a domain expires and is not renewed it becomes property of the registrar (in this case RSP as we are ICANN accredited registrar for most generic TLDs) thus we have the full right to advertise as we see fit on those expired domain names as we are the ones paying the renewal fees for the domain name. If you are not happy with it and you think it is not fair feel free to disable domain registration services for your client and implement your own registrar option for domain registrations or even apply for ICANN accreditation and be your own registrar. This has been discussed at length with the owners of the company and the board and will not change at all. It is what it is I guess.


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      So it's Take it or leave it situation.


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        Tarek, I do not work for RSP! I am a reseller just like you, but I volunteer my time to try and make this forum a better place for resellers to interact and help each other, keeping it clear of spam and other annoying things that destroy an online community.

        I have been bitten by other registrars in the past and believe me RSP are fairer than most on this issue!

        Reseller anonymity has been discussed in MANY threads over the years. The plain fact of the matter is that if someone wants to find who you are using for services they can! This is not something RSP can choose as rules and regulations require them to do so. Simply looking up the IP addresses will indicate Liquidnet as the owner in most cases. They are also listed in the WHOIS information. By trying to hide that fact, I believe, is what causes the damage. Clients think you are lying to them. Why not promote the fact you are working with a very successful company in the web hosting industry, even sign them up as a reseller and you can earn the 10% commission?


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          I have to agree with Clive on this.

          One short story, I have a client that hosted his site with me but not his domain name. It was with another large network solutions company. You can probably guess the name. Anyway, their domain name was up for renewal and for some reason they didn't renew it in time and a domain troll picked it up. When we tried to repurchase the name they wanted $25,000 for it. We had to go with another similar name although the client was using the name for over 15 years. I'm sure that gave him some headaches.


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            I'm with clive and vlasi on this.. rsp is very fair, especially if you or your client would want to register the domain again they dont charge what I deem a supidly high price for it. As a matter of fact I'm curious if RSP would consider accepting a fair fee in exchange for a text advertisement to rotate on these expired domains.


            • clivejo
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              Why not just register it yourself and put up what ever adverts makes you money?? And a link saying its for sale and state a price on the webpage.

              An example, say domains cost $10 to renew and you sell it for $50. This is a 1:5 profit. You only have to sell one in five domains to break even, whilst advertising your business and also maybe even a Google ads campaign. Another idea is to install an advert management system (like ) to display local adverts which you manage. I’ve noticed a trend in local businesses wanting to support each other rather than pay Big G. Basically, in return for a banner space you get your advert inserted into the system for free. Banners are then rotated on each participating website, all local ads.

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            Because rsp is the actual registrar and I would imagine they already have renewed a substantual network of domains with landing pages and traffic. Why not pay out a fair fee to rsp and get some affordable advertisement? win win, I get traffic rsp makes some extra $$. I ran a campaign with bing.... The bids on popular keywords are out of my budget for a fact, but I got a substantial amount of traffic off domain landing pages and it removed the factor of click fraud from the actual bing searches too. Why pay bing if I could get the same thing from rsp?


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              But why would RSP go for this idea? With the current policy they are in a win-win situation! They are referring anyone landing on the expired name back to themselves, generating sales, which is the whole idea!


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                I do not know if they will or not, but how can you know without asking and if they would consider it, I don't want to be at the wrong end of the chow line. They would not be losing money either keeping it an inhouse service for resellers, my opinion this would be opening the door to even more profits by 1 ) providing a profitable advertising service of which the foundation is already laid for and 2) providing the service to promote profitable reseller stores and their brand.
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                • clivejo
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                  Good sales pitch :P Let me know how it goes ! !

                • doneritehosting
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                  I kinda hope Yan will comment here about it lol! I'll say this... If rsp were to implement it, they would be totally unique in the reseller hosting niche. They would be the first I think to provide an active inhouse advertising program for their resellers to help them succeed..
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                • radmin
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                  I have been trying to run through a similar idea. The adds on the expired domains would show adds with the texts you see now only the links will lead to the reseller store brand. Now hold your horses before you get too excited, we are still on the negotiations table and after that we will see how that can even be implemented So its probably going to be a while as we are now juggling with finishing the new default templates for those of you who don't use wordpress already as well as rewriting the whole billing system and implementing a new payment processor which will resolve all the issues with US customers having a problem paying with their cards considering we are a overseas company (i.e. UK one).

                  P.S. its me Yan am just logged with another user as I was changing some permissions on the moderators group as per Clive's request.

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                Thanks Yan, I had no idea you were already working on something similar. I was more leaning to suggesting a similar paid service for resellers that the reseller could purchase "say monthly like a vps plan". That way you guys (and gals) make some money helping us resellers out some. I'll be watching this thread for updates


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                  Good to see that there is a chance to resolve this issue.


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                    I agree with the others here. having ads to RSP or any of its partner companies on expired domains bought through a reseller is a bad thing. If there are going to be ads on a domain sold through, say, donerite's store, then the ads on an expired domain from donerite store should be ads from donerite's store, not RSP itself. Like Donerite said, though, I'm glad something is being worked on to resolve the issue. Yan, I gotta ask, will this billing system rewrite lead to a certain feature I dare say many of us have been bugging RSP about for years now? Monthly billing, perhaps? Not trying to sound like I'm beating a dead horse, but you did say you guys were rewriting the whole billing system, so I think it's only fair the question is asked.


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                    Glad this brought your attention resellers, Hope to see solutions fast.


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                      I'm reactivating this very old post because it would seem nothing has been done to resolve RSP advertising their own competing hosting services on reseller's clients expired domains.

                      It happened again this morning to one of my long term clients who simply forgot to renew his domain and woke to see RSP's promo page on his domain with links advertising hosting at 'exclusivehosting[dot]net.' Fortunately, he contacted me to arrange the renewal straight away - before he had time to notice that this RSP's competing hosting promotional page was also promoting hosting at cheaper prices than my reseller store.

                      I think this is very poor policy from RSP by not promoting more, their reseller's sites for renewals.

                      I have read the explanations in this post suggesting that if a client lets their domain expire it automatically becomes the property of RSP as the domain registrar, so they can do with it as they please.

                      Well I'm sorry, but I disagree.

                      When a domain expires there is a 'Renewal Grace Period' which all registrar's provide, which reserves the domain for the client only, to renew.

                      During this redemption period 'no-one actually owns it' So why does RSP claim ownership of it and advertise on it when it is still reserved for the client?

                      As our registrar I think RSP should support their own reseller's more by displaying a renewal page solely promoting the reseller's services - rather than just a link in the top right hand corner of their own hosting promo page.

                      Once a domain is out of the client's ''Renewal Grace Period' and scheduled for release back to the market place - maybe then and only then should RSP use it to promote their own competing retail services.

                      Just my thoughts!