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Expired domains has ads to rsp which expose resellers

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    Originally posted by index.html View Post
    I'm reactivating this very old post because it would seem nothing has been done to resolve RSP advertising their own competing hosting services on reseller's clients expired domains.

    It happened again this morning to one of my long term clients who simply forgot to renew his domain and woke to see RSP's promo page on his domain with links advertising hosting at 'exclusivehosting[dot]net.' Fortunately, he contacted me to arrange the renewal straight away - before he had time to notice that this RSP's competing hosting promotional page was also promoting hosting at cheaper prices than my reseller store.

    I think this is very poor policy from RSP by not promoting more, their reseller's sites for renewals.

    I have read the explanations in this post suggesting that if a client lets their domain expire it automatically becomes the property of RSP as the domain registrar, so they can do with it as they please.

    Well I'm sorry, but I disagree.

    When a domain expires there is a 'Renewal Grace Period' which all registrar's provide, which reserves the domain for the client only, to renew.

    During this redemption period 'no-one actually owns it' So why does RSP claim ownership of it and advertise on it when it is still reserved for the client?

    As our registrar I think RSP should support their own reseller's more by displaying a renewal page solely promoting the reseller's services - rather than just a link in the top right hand corner of their own hosting promo page.

    Once a domain is out of the client's ''Renewal Grace Period' and scheduled for release back to the market place - maybe then and only then should RSP use it to promote their own competing retail services.

    Just my thoughts!

    I strongly agree


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      I agree with wjleong and index here. We were all told something would be done. Four years and two months later? Nothing has been done about it. I understand the devs are focusing on the store master stuff right now, but come on, we were told this would be worked on soon. Soon came and went a couple of years ago, I would think! By the way, my question from 4 years ago on this thread was never answered either, so lol.