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    Yav, are these tools going to be added into hespia accounts too? Be a good marketing point if they are.
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    That is unfortunate Yav, well maybe things will change to favor this addition in the future, or another set of seo tools will come along to fit the bill... Thanks for answering so quick, I was really curious of this. Scratching the old grey hair here, maybe Attracta would develop a compatable set of tools for hespia themselves by adding a little advertising to the tools if approached with the idea... there are certainly enough hespia clients and resellers that would appreciate these tools and you guys could possibly benefit from the reseller marketing with more sales.
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      Good point there, donerite. And Attracta would definitely benefit themselves. There's hundreds of thousands, if not millions, using the hepsia CP.


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        I'm familiar to Hespia and CP too. In the past I worked with both, but the most effective is InterWorx.Try to avoid free tools, free doesn't mean a good one as zPanel for instance. Although, people always are looking for free stuff, but if you want to be the best one in your field, you have to invest. The same thing is valid for marketing and about growing your business too. I set up an accounting business, tried to SEO by myself but it's the worse idea. I was looking for tools, but until I haven't hired the digital marketing san diego team I haven't manage to bring good results.
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