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  • Add new languages in store

    If it is possible then the store owner in the future can add new languages to their stores.
    Question is:
    Why? If there is the Wordpress!?
    I know there is Wordpress and can change all things which they need but those who can't use wordpress or don't want buy (because they have not enough money to buy shared hosting package or there is other reason) or use free hosting, then they can add to default Store which you resellerspanel offer.
    In default you have English, Espanol and Portugues. In Store Master Admin Area we can add chinese language as well, but it is not enough (I think).
    So I suggest, in Store Master Admin Area:
    • can add new languages and store owners can translate manually all texts
    • or open a section on the forum and everybody can upload their translations and others can help with this, if there is errors in the translations. If the translations is done then you resellerspanel staff can add those languages in Store Master Admin Area and store owners can choose which language want they add to store.

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    This is a good suggestion that was forwarded to our marketing department.

    Such idea might be implemented in future but for now the Store Master and its functionality will not be changed.

    Best Regards,
    Cvetan Ivanov


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      For wordpress reseller sites I would suggest RSP investigate transposh in the wordpress repository for compatability with the reseller plugin. Benefits are its free, supports over 50 languages using I think 5 major translation services such as google and bing, creates seo friendly country based urls like google expects, auto detects a visitors language and redirects visitors to the translated pages of their languages. Using the plugin You can also allow your vistors to supply better translations or not and or opt to pay for professional human translations. Its a pretty neat easy to use WP plugin and a VERY very easy way for a reseller to add mutilingual pages to their wordpress reseller sites. I tried it about a year ago and had problems displaying content on my reseller site. Works great on WP sites without the reseller plugin though. Shame to have all these international data centers and you can only list high enough in your home country to get a visitor from google. This plugin would increase profits for everyone.
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