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  • More features for the Domain Manager account


    Would it be possible to add some more basic features for the free Domain Manager account? For example:

    - Domain Forwarding - to allow someone to forward the domain name to another URL (website or blog elsewhere)
    - Email Forwarding - allow setup of email aliases under the domain name to be forwarded to another email inbox
    - Maybe a couple of real email boxes, with a small quota (10Mb or something) to allow for a basic email service, making it clear that this can be upgraded for more space and addresses

    I feel that by allowing people to start using these features, it would generate more upgrades to paid plans with more features. I know I personally use another service because they offer these features when I register a domain with them, but don't need a fully fledged hosting account (a blog for example)

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    Thank you for contacting us.

    The Domain Forwarding or Parking and Redirection is already present as feature in the Domain Manager accounts.

    We do not have plans to add hosting features such as email forwarding or email accounts creation for the Domain Manager account. The main purpose of this account is to manage your registered domains, nothing more.

    Since we do offer 30 days free trial for all shared hosting accounts it makes no sense to add such features in the Domain Manager account.

    Best Regards,
    Cvetan Ivanov


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      Originally posted by c.ivanov View Post

      Since we do offer 30 days free trial for all shared hosting accounts it makes no sense to add such features in the Domain Manager account.

      Best Regards,
      Cvetan Ivanov
      I have to disagree with you and chime in with clivejo. There are plenty of mom and pop businesses and plain jane people that do not want the hassle of building and managing a full blown website or the expense to pay a developer to manage a website for them just to have a personalized email for their business or personal use. Cheaper for them to pay a monthly fee to have just email services which that is only what they want to deal with in the first place. I feel Adding small basic email features that are upgradeable to full blown business email accounts to the domain manager as clive suggests could be a big plus for RSP's market offerings and profits and i bet sell more sole domain names outright. My guess is if this were not profitable the largest domain registrar in the world (not named) would not be offering such services themselves.

      As clivejo suggests, after some time, these email customers would probably grow into the desire to have a website and would 99% likely purchase hosting from RSP as a upgrade as they will have already grown to trust the services and support staff.

      Just my 2 cent offering lol....
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        Sorry guys, I spoke with the marketing department to figure something out regarding the e-mails in particular, but I forgot to update you. That goes for my colleague as well . I will update you as soon as we have a metting with the owners and figure what we can afford considering our infrastructure. It is going to be something like the limitations of the trial accounts but not limited for 30 days (obviously), if it happens at all. In any case we shall be in touch .


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          Right on! Thanks for the update Yav! Will be waiting to hear more of this and have a great day


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            So few things:
            1. New control panel is almost ready for beta testing, will open a new tread for that in the following month or two.
            2. New shared hosting promost are being discussed, something like the KVM/OVZ/cPanel promos... not yeat clear, still working the technical stuff before we go to the billing phase.
            3. Domain manager with e-mails will be worked on as a concept, we will do some research first (we can't have 2 and 3 together anyway) and will come up with our own thing. It is do-able (techwise), so we should be introducing that in the first/second quarted of 2018 if everything goes according to plan (which it never does but still fingers crossed).

            Overall I would say not bad at all


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              O My, what a wonderful list of new marketing features Yav! Thanks for the updates!


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                Hi guys,

                In case you haven't noticed the dedicated post already - the closed beta version of the Hepsia Control Panel is now online.

                You can access it from the following URLs using any of your existing shared or semi-dedicated hosting accounts:


                Wе'll be thankful if you take a moment to navigate around the newly revamped interface and share your feedback with us.

                Please note that we are putting the finishing touches to the Help section, so it will be disabled for a few more days.

                NOTE: This is a closed beta for resellers only. An open beta will be soon made available to everyone.