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The Problem with selling hosting service on Ebay and a Possible Solution

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  • The Problem with selling hosting service on Ebay and a Possible Solution

    As you already know Ebay can be a goldmine when it comes to selling hosting service. But Ebays TOS makes it impossible for us to sell our hosting services there. Here's why:

    1 - Ebays biggest rule is that you can NOT link to an outside source to make sales.

    2 - You can NOT offer something for free. You must offer a tangible service or product that Ebay users can buy AND pay for on your listing. Since we offer hosting services ( and domain name registration ) with a free trial requiring NO upfront payments ( one of our greatest sales points ) we can't list our services on Ebay because we would have to charge a fee, thus negating our free to try offer on our stores.

    One possible solution to this problem is that if the good people at Resellers Panel could write a universal ebook or digital book which we can brand with our store name and links that we could download from Resellers Panel as a sales tool, and which teaches basic website running strategies, what to look for in a choosing hosting company, and then go on to suggest why ( insert your store name and link to it ) should be the best hosting company to choose. Another such ebook could be created for the affiliate program, which would focus on the benefits of becoming a hosting reseller and, of course, link to our own Resellers Panel affiliate link.

    With these ebooks we NOW have a tangible product we can list on Ebay ( or any of the other thousands of places where you could sell or even give away ebooks ) that does NOT violate their TOS. We can sell those "digital products" for a dollar ( or whatever you care to charge ) and not only have a "silent salesman" in the hands of E-bayers but we also make an additional profit on every E-bay sale.

    Comments? Other suggestions?

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    Well you could set up a store that offers $6 domains with a hosting plan purchase. $6 dollar domains are nothing to sneeze at. Instead of advertising a free 30 day trial try a risk free 30 day trial of services. Yeah its a fine line of legalities but ebay may let you slide on that one just by the way you word your advert. Just suggestions for the reseller...

    Being fair though yav that's not such a outlandish request for a ebook. Most people that sign up For RSP, well they dont know how to create a ebook, thats why they sign up for RSP its a turnkey out of the box reseller hosting business solution requiring no tech or coding knowledge. Dont matter if your wholesales are generated off a reseller site or an ebook its profits for u guys in the end run. I'm not being a a** on this one, i feel this is really a good idea to profit RSP in the long term I think.
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      Hi Newage,

      Why not use the already prepared RSP sales related .pdf which is on every Store Master Template. It may not contain every bit of sales/services info you want - but its a good start.

      You see the link to the .pdf one of RSP sample Store Master 'Sample' Templates here -

      The direct link to the sample .pdf [if you missed it, is here] -

      Just a thought.