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Integrated Email Into The Domain Manager

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  • Integrated Email Into The Domain Manager

    Official blog post

    I for one applaud RSP for working so hard in 2017 to get this feature out to all resellers! This should help boost sales of sole domains for everyone. Great job and thanks yav0r for your support in this!

    Read through the blog post and you will see that 5 email accounts are allowed and thats more than I expected to see matter of fact.

    There are some things though at the end of the blog post that are not self explainatory ..

    ** storage quotas and such are mentioned what are they?

    ** is that 5 total email accounts allowed for the whole domain manager account or 5 email accounts for each registered domain in the account?

    ** will there in the future be a paid upgrade for the domain manager to a true business email solution for the domain manager? Kinda what clivejo was playing with on his vps once upon a time ago.

    Hoping yav0r will jump in and do some educating

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    You can have up to 3 email accounts in a Domain Manager account with up to 512MB of email storage.
    You can't upgrade the number of email accounts or the email storage but you can upgrade the Domain Manager plan to another hosting plan in case you need more emails or storage.

    Best Regards,
    Cvetan Ivanov


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      3 is a magic number and its good for me. # of Email accounts being based per domain in a domain manager plan would be better for you guys I think, keep clients from creating multiple domain manager accounts to get emails for all their domains. Whats the difference? To get more than the allowed 3 email accounts the domain owner would have to register a second new domain name. Also there are going to be the domain name owners that want just email only without a website in mind nor care for one, no matter how sweet the deal is. Just 512mb of free email storage is not gonna cover that senario. Are there paid upgrades in the works that are similar to a hosting client upgrading their hosting plan from the control panel? This is a great marketing move buy RSP as a whole for increasing sole domain registrations but a person thats looking for a domain and email services will move on unless there is a paid upgrade solution for more email storage space. I know a hosting account would cover just that but the mindset of people this day and time would surprise you. A person looking for just a domain with email with adequate storage upgrades will look for just that and only buy just that. Wont even consider that he or she can upgrade his / her account to 40gb of email storage upgrading to just our smallest cloud plan. I've been guilty of that short sitedness on serveral occassions in my life myself.


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        LMAO yav. Nope I know you are not a hardliner I've said that publicly in the forum

        I didn't realize it would involve a whole a whole rewrite. Truthfully the the upgrade system in place for hosting plans is extensive and I made these suggestions thinking they would be less time intensive additions to it. Now I know its more than that. Its no problem LOL.

        On the bright side, I was not asking for anything free or for yall to give away free