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Hepsia's BETA ... email accounts -> current filters

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  • c.ivanov

    I am not sure which are the "3 dots " that you are referring to. The filter menu was always separated in another section called Filters in the Hepsia control panel.

    Best Regards,
    Cvetan Ivanov

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  • simplystu
    24 hours later ... I found it
    Main menu --> email --> filters

    what is the general conscious from others???
    having it included within the 3 dot (expandable menu) when actually on the Email page.

    it sort-of seams counter-intuitive ... having to go the main-menu ... to find something that is a subpart of the section page that you are on.

    that's my thoughts.

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  • Hepsia's BETA ... email accounts -> current filters

    Firstly, I did try posting to the current thread running in the ResellersPanel News section... but there was no option for me to add to the thread - Sorry for starting a new thread.

    Have been trying out the beta the last 1 week or so.

    One thing I found tonight ... with regards to email accounts.
    There is a button (to add a new filter to any email account), but can't find where to show the current email filters that are being applied to various accounts.

    "logically thinking" ...
    I would've thought that by clicking on the 3 dots (expandable menu) for each email account, there would be an option there to show the current filters per account.

    Am I looking in the wrong place, or was this simply forgotten about when coding the UI?